Tundra Processing Plant Leaves Workers Without Jobs as Workers Lose Interest

A timber processing plant that closed its doors last week has left more than 200 workers without jobs as the company struggles to make ends meet, a spokesman said Wednesday.

“This is a significant loss of our employees,” spokesman John Schmitt said.

“It is difficult for any company to do business when its employees are no longer able to support their families.”

The Tundras operations are in western Canada and the northern U.S. It processed timber products including for lumber, pulp, and paper and sold them through its Canadian and international operations.

The closure comes as the federal government is considering legislation that would allow workers to unionize in Canada’s timber industry.

In March, a federal court ruling in B.C. ruled the government had to pay union dues to unionized workers at the logging operations because the union didn’t apply for the right to collective bargaining.

The ruling came after B.A.C.’s NDP government was in the midst of negotiations with the union representing the workers.

The union is seeking an injunction preventing the government from changing the rules that allow workers with two or more previous employers to become members.