What’s the difference between wood and timber?

Wood is the material used to make up your home.

It is composed of sapwood, bark, and straw.

It can be hard or soft depending on where it is grown.

Trees can be either wood or grass.

The term “wood” can refer to any type of tree.

The tree’s bark contains sap and fiber.

The wood is typically very hard and is used for building materials, furniture, and decorative products.

Wood is also known as lumber, and is often used for furniture, carpets, and other construction materials.

Wood is an important component in the manufacturing process.

When wood is harvested and processed, the sapwood is broken down and converted to a variety of different products.

Some of these products are used in furniture making, for example.

Some are used to build homes and other structures.

Some products are also used in manufacturing other types of products.

When a tree grows, it can produce a number of different types of wood.

Wood from one tree can be turned into many different products, including a number that are made from other trees.

The most common wood is called “white oak,” and is found in North America and the Caribbean.

It has a hard bark, is usually a little heavier than other types, and can be a good choice for homes and businesses.

The other common wood used for homes is “pine” or “pine-branch,” which is typically less common.

Pine trees are often grown in areas where there is a lack of rainfall, such as in Florida.

The bark and other wood from a pine tree can also be used in the manufacture of other types a building material.

Many products made from pine are also made from the tree’s fibers.

The fiber from a fiber can be used to create fibers for clothing and other products.