How to recycle trees from your backyard

An article by John Hickey in the Calgary Herald suggests you can recycle old logs, branches and trees from the yard into a new source of wood.

Hickey’s article was based on a new article by the Canadian Woodworkers’ Association and the Forestry Industry Association of Canada.

This article suggests the best way to recycle wood in Calgary is to “burn” it at a fire.

The Calgary Fire Department recommends that people burn trees, not trees.

“We do not recommend anyone burn wood from trees or shrubs for firewood,” says Calgary fire spokesman Kevin Hodge.

“Burning wood in any way will increase the risk of an accident.

You should burn wood in a well-ventilated area, away from the source of fire and at a temperature that’s comfortable to the eyes.”

The Alberta Forestry Commission also advises against burning wood in an enclosed area.

It says, “The risk of fire from burning wood should be taken seriously.”

What does this mean for you?

Wood from an old tree will be safe to use in a fireplace, firepit or other small space.

The wood will burn well at high temperatures and will provide a good source of heat for the home.

If you are in a confined space, you should always have a fire extinguisher nearby.

If it gets hot, the wood can be heated in a fire pit.

But if you want to start your new fireplace, you’ll want to get a firestarter.

A fire starter is not a wood stove.

It’s an appliance that burns fuel in a tube.

You’ll want a fire starter if you’re trying to start a new fireplace.

It can also be a source of natural gas if it’s a wood burner or if you have a gas stove.

Hodge says the fire code requires you to take precautions to reduce the risk.

“It is important to note that if you can burn wood, that it should be used as a fuel source for a fire, not a source for charcoal,” he says.

Hike up the hill, park your car or campground and you’re good to go.

You may be surprised to find out that you don’t need to burn wood to start or maintain your fireplace.

Holes, pipes and other wood materials can be used to build your own fire.

You can build a fire in your yard and you can also build a fireplace in your backyard.

To find out more about building your own fireplace, visit our Fireplace building guide.