Seahawks unveil new logo and uniforms for 2018 season

The Seattle Seahawks have unveiled a new uniform and a new logo for the upcoming 2018 season.

The Seahawks unveiled the new logo in a video announcing the changes and the new uniforms.

The new logo features an eagle perched on a wing with the word “HALF” above it.

The logo will also feature the Seahawks name on the chest.

The other new changes to the jersey are a red trim around the collar and pants.

The helmet will also have a red stripe.

The Seattle logo was also on the sleeves of the new jerseys.

The team also said the new uniform will be worn for preseason games.

The Hawks will begin training camp in February.

The uniforms will be available in stores nationwide starting on March 2.

The teams website for the 2018 season also includes a video explaining the new look.

The Seahawks will be playing at Seattle Memorial Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 15.

They will face the New England Patriots in a preseason game at CenturyLink Field on Sunday, Sept 22.