UK Government to scrap timber processing on forested areas

By David Shukman-BarrettThe government will scrap all timber processing, which involves harvesting wood and using it to make furniture, paper and other products in areas that are unsuitable for timber harvesting.

The Environment Agency (EA) is currently planning to scrap the majority of the wood processing in areas deemed to be unsuitable, including coastal areas, forested land and open spaces.

The Government will also scrap the timber harvesting on forests that are already cleared, as part of its plan to limit logging in the forests.

But it is expected to retain some timber harvesting in areas of open space, as well as retaining some timber on areas where the timber is being harvested.

“This is part of the wider Government’s wider efforts to reduce the environmental impact of logging and protect wildlife, while protecting forests,” said the Department of Environment.

“We are committed to improving the environment, and will ensure that all the people and businesses who rely on our natural resources are able to have a healthy and secure future.”

What you need to know about the forestry industryThis story originally appeared in Business Insider UK.

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