What you need to know about timber harvesting process in Australia

AUSTRALIA — The world’s biggest timber harvesting company is fighting back after being slammed for allegedly using a banned process to remove timber from the landscape.

The Australian government says it is taking action to ensure the company is complying with the law.

The Forest Resources Management Authority (FRMA) said it had banned the use of a patented process called “carpet boarding” to remove a variety of species from the country’s forests.

The agency said it is working with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DLWP) and other relevant agencies to ensure compliance.FRMA has been in contact with DLWP about the issue.

“We are currently undertaking an investigation to understand what happened with this process, how it was authorised, and what action we can take to ensure it is not going forward in the future,” the agency said in a statement.

“This is in accordance with our obligations under the Forest Act and the Government of New South Wales’ Forestry Protection Act, and is consistent with the recommendations of the Committee on the Environment and Heritage (CETHER).”

We will ensure that no further steps are taken without the consent of the affected party.

“The Australian Government has not confirmed whether the company was found to be in breach of the Forest and Plant Health Act, which allows the government to impose penalties of up to $1 million for illegal activities.

It is also the third time the company has been sanctioned by the Australian government.

The company has faced criticism in recent years for a range of forestry practices including removing trees and logs, removing mature forests and removing the forest cover of areas where timber is harvested.

It has also been accused of using an illegal “bondage” process, in which trees are strapped to the ground to prevent them from breaking off, to clear the way for its logging activities.

The forest industry says that method is not sustainable and would require thousands of trees to be cut down.

The latest ban came just days after the government approved a moratorium on the timber harvesting of new or damaged trees in New South, Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory.