What if you could make an entire city’s skyline disappear?

Posted August 25, 2018 12:04:01 In a recent episode of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Powerhouse, we met a group of scientists who are working on a process that could see an entire continent disappear.

What we saw was one of the most compelling, if not the most terrifying, examples of a truly extreme engineering concept.

As it turns out, the researchers behind this project have the same goals that Elon Musk and others have in mind.

Their ultimate goal is to turn the entire globe into a gigantic, artificial landscape.

As the name suggests, the entire continent would be transformed into a massive “turbulence” — a phenomenon that is caused by the vibrations caused by large masses of air and soil interacting with each other.

The vibrations then spread throughout the entire planet, creating a feedback loop that creates the “tent” of air around the entire world.

As we saw on Powerhouse (above), the researchers plan to use lasers to create these large, rotating “tents” in various places around the world.

The idea is to see how long it takes for these massive, rotating tents to create the giant, static, floating landscape they’ve dreamed of.

What’s more, the team plans to use the vibrations to control the entire system.

Imagine you’re walking through the forest and suddenly a giant, rotating tent pops up.

That tent is going to take your breath away and make you feel the vibrations around it, so you can’t go anywhere without it.

The scientists hope to create this system in the next five years, with their goal of turning the entire Earth into a huge, floating “tantalised” landscape.

While it may seem a bit crazy to have a giant floating, tent-like landscape, the engineers behind this effort are clearly very serious about their goal.

The team’s website describes the project as “a global infrastructure that allows for the creation of a large-scale ‘tent’ of the entire earth.”

They also point out that their system will be able to withstand an earthquake, even one as powerful as a magnitude 6.8, which is about what happened in Japan in 2011.

This sounds impressive, but if this idea comes to fruition, it would mean the end of civilization as we know it.

“The idea of building a large, tentlike artificial landscape around the Earth is extremely dangerous,” the site reads.

“While this idea might sound crazy to some, the real threat is the very idea of an artificial ‘tourist attraction.’

Imagine if you’re a tourist and you’re surrounded by this massive, tenting world that is constantly moving around you.

The thought of being surrounded by such a vast, moving environment makes you feel like you are trapped.”

The researchers say they’re aiming to do all of this in the near future, and they plan to launch a “tourism-friendly” version of their system in 2018.

If this sounds scary, it should — it’s no secret that the technology behind these systems is extremely advanced.

A number of scientists working on the project have previously worked on large- scale, highly automated, and highly disruptive projects, and this is the first time the project seems to be headed toward something like this.

We’ll just have to wait and see how far they can take this.

It’s definitely not going to be an easy task, though.

A few things have to go right to get the tent to generate the “floating” effect.

The first thing the team has to do is get the soil to interact with the large-magnitude vibrations.

In order to create a static, moving tent, the soil needs to be completely stable, with a pH level that’s not acidic.

“Once we get the pH down to 6.7 and above, we can get the vibrations moving,” the researchers explained in a press release.

Then, the vibrations will have to travel down through the soil, creating the tent.

“When the vibrations start to travel through the ground, they start to generate an oscillation in the ground,” the team explained.

“As the vibrations travel down, the vibration frequency starts to increase, until the vibration starts to create an ‘up’ motion, and the vibrations stop moving.”

This motion creates a static structure that will start to form the “tunnel.”

As the team explains, the tunnel will be created by the sound of the vibrations, which can travel for hundreds of kilometers.

As they move the vibrations in the tunnel, they will start generating “tidal waves,” which create a small “cage” around the tent, which will be the perfect location to make the final, final, and most dramatic of all the tributes to the entire Planet Earth.

“We have the ability to create something like a giant tent and a ‘tidal cage’ for a tent,” the scientists explained.

If all goes according to plan, the scientists hope that the tents will be used for tourism attractions in 2021, and then eventually for everything from solar