‘You’re not the only one’: An American family struggles with a costly forest loss

A New Jersey family has been left with $500,000 in lost timber due to an outbreak of the rare coronavirus.

Kaitlyn DeMarco was at home at 3:30 p.m. on Friday when she heard a “loud, very loud noise” and felt a burning sensation in her arm.

“I was just sitting in my chair, and then I started to feel it in my arm,” she told ABC News.

DeMarco’s husband, John, called 911 and found his wife in the kitchen, complaining of fever.

He told the dispatcher that he thought she might have contracted the coronaviruses, but she later tested negative for any symptoms.

“We thought she was going to have a stroke,” John DeMarco said.

A spokesperson for the State Department of Health said the State Health Department has been notified and the department is working to determine if any health problems may be associated with the coronavia outbreak.

DeMarcus told ABC affiliate WJAR that her family is in the process of moving into a home they bought in the same town where she lives.

“There are two rooms now that we’ve got in there.

They’re very comfortable,” she said.

DeDeMarco told ABC that she is still recovering from the loss of her limbs, and her husband has taken over care of her children.

“She’s really scared to go to work anymore, because I’m really afraid to leave the house,” she explained.

“That’s my husband.”

The DeMarco family had been living in the house with their two dogs, a Labrador and a Golden Retriever.

“This is our first home where they are not able to leave their home,” she added.

“If I go outside, I can’t go inside because they’re scared to come inside.”

The family has also had to move from their home in the township of Bridgeton, which was the location of the largest outbreak of coronavire, and moved into a new house.

“You’re losing your home, your family,” DeMarco told WJar.