Can the timber preservation industry adapt to climate change?

Posted July 30, 2019 04:24:51 There is growing concern over the fate of timber in the face of climate change.

Last year the Federal Government announced a $1.1 billion initiative to create a timber preservation project that would save more than 100 million tonnes of timber.

The $1 billion fund will create the largest timber project in Australia.

The program will be led by the NT Government, and it will fund a project with a $100 million allocation from the National Treasury Board (NTB).

The NT Government is set to spend $1,500 million in federal funding over the next two years.

The NTB will oversee the project, and will oversee environmental assessment and other aspects of the project.

But there are concerns that the NTB is taking a hands-off approach to the project and will be unable to ensure the project is sustainable and meets the requirements of the NT’s climate change targets.

According to NT Minister of Forestry Michael Young, the NT Department of Environment and Heritage has not been consulted on the project yet.

The Government is now calling for the NT Board to ensure that the project meets the NTs climate change mitigation targets.

NT Minister Young says that the $100 billion is being earmarked for the timber industry.

NT Government says it will allocate $1 million to the timber conservation program in 2018, and $1 to the NT Timber Industry Group in 2019.

The plan is to create an environment for the industry to thrive, and protect the industry’s heritage, heritage values and local economies.

But is the NT timber industry capable of adapting to climate changes?

It is unclear what will happen if the NT Forest Industry and Forestry Council (NTFIC) fails to meet the NT Sustainable Timber Development (STD) targets.

The government says that NTFIC has a statutory mandate to manage the timber market, and that the government is confident that NT timber producers will be able to meet their STD targets.

But NTFISd spokesperson David Taylor said that NT government is not yet in a position to make any decisions on the NT industry’s STD.

NT Department says it has not yet consulted with NT industry on STD plan The NT Forestry Industry and Forests Council (TFIFIC) is a statutory authority that manages the NT forestry market.

NT FIFIC is a public body that sets policy, develops projects, monitors and provides services to the forestry sector.

The council is the government’s agency that manages NT timber supply, and the NT STD fund is the Government’s allocated money for the project to protect and sustain the timber sector.

NTFIFIC also has a role in the management of forestry sector-owned land, and is responsible for managing the NT forests.

NT Forest Forestry Council spokesperson David Young says the NT FTFIC has not consulted with the NT Forestry industry on the plan to build the NT stumps and to protect the heritage value of the land.

“We are not yet able to comment on this project,” Young said.

“The NT FTSD and NT STDS will be allocated to NT Timber Industries in 2018 and 2019.”

NT Forest Industries has been looking at the NT Stumps project for years, but has not decided whether to move forward with it.

NT Industry and Forest Council (TIFFC) spokesperson Chris Brown said that the TIFFC has not received any submissions from the NT forest industry on how the NTFTSD will work for the new project.

“It is not clear if the project will be developed as a STD or not,” Brown said.

However, the Government has made clear that NT Timber projects are only considered when it comes to protecting the heritage of the timberland.

“If a proposal is developed for a project and is approved by the Government, it is the project that will be considered in a future planning process,” Brown told ABC News.

“In this instance, the project has not met the STD criteria, and has not complied with the STDS requirements.”

NT Forestry Council is also not in a good position to decide what the future of the site is.

NT Forestry council is responsible to the State Government, but there is no State Government oversight of NT forestry.

“There is a lack of state-specific oversight of the forestry industry in Australia,” TIFIC’s Brown said, and “we don’t have any oversight for NT Forestry.”

NTFIA has a plan to protect trees, but it is not going to be the only solution The NT Forest Services (NTFS) is also looking at building a tree-proof fence around the site.

NTFS has a tree proof fence around its project site, but the Government says that it has no plans to do so.

“This fence is a temporary solution, and as a result of this fence, there is some risk of erosion,” NTFS spokesperson Mark MacLennan said.

NT’s NT Forest Board says it does not have plans to build a tree fence around NT’s tree-protected stumps.

But it is possible that the Government