How timber processing plant in Queensland ‘isn’t just a timber processing business’

The company that owns the Queensland processing facility is not only one of Australia’s biggest timber processors, it’s also one of the country’s largest landowners.

The Queensland Processing Company, which is also called the Woodlands Processing Company or WPP, is one of several major companies that own or operate the timber processing facilities at Wivenhoe and the nearby town of Woodlands.

The company’s management group is led by David Pendergrass, a former Australian prime minister and a former senior Federal Government adviser.

Mr Pendergrasses’ father was a coal miner, Mr Pendergraves has a history of business dealings, and the family’s holdings include a major timber company in the Kimberley region, which owns two of Queensland’s biggest logging projects, a logging project in the Galilee Basin and the timber bDO processing facility.

It’s a business that is very much a family business, and it has an ownership structure that’s very much like a family.

The Woodlands processing company has long been criticised for its logging practices, including the use of fire in the processing area.

The mining company was recently criticised by environmental groups after logging giant BHP was forced to close its logging operations near Wivenhoe.

Mr Palmer’s office said that the company was not involved in any timber processing projects at the time.

In a statement, Mr Palmer said the company had recently completed an investigation into the WPP timber processing operations and “the matter is being reviewed”.

“The company has since made arrangements to review the matter with relevant authorities,” he said.

“The matter is currently under review and I cannot make any further comment on the matter.”

The Woodland processing company is one part of a larger chain of companies that run forestry projects in the southern and eastern Queensland states.

The other major timber processing company in Wivenhea is the Woodland Processing Company and BHP, which has the largest footprint in the country.

The WPP owns more than 1.5 million hectares of timber in the state and employs more than 2,000 people.

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