Israeli company hires Israeli to work on new timber recycling process

An Israeli company hired a Palestinian to build a new timber processing head for Israel’s national lumber company.

The project will be part of a national initiative to recycle wood by hand.

Israel has already pledged to reuse 2.8 million tons of reclaimed wood a year, but the country’s government is seeking to reduce that to 1.8 billion tons.

The process involves a process called “timber casting.”

The head of the project, a Palestinian who goes by the name of Ayelet Tziki, will work for a team of 15 people, according to a statement from the company.

The project will also include a “specialist team,” the statement said.

It was not immediately clear how much money the company was expecting to raise from the government, but it was expected to be well over 1 billion shekels ($10 million).

Israel’s lumber industry is the world’s largest, accounting for more than 40 percent of all wood production.