How to make the perfect rustic wood-burning stove in 3 easy steps

Ragni is a word that means rustic, but it also means rust-free, which is exactly what the makers of the rustic wooden stove, Ragnici, have done.

It’s not for everyone, but those who do have a knack for crafting the perfect wooden stove should definitely check out the video below.

The video features three wood-fired wood stoves, which each use different wood types.

They are all made from a mixture of pine, fir, ash, and cedar.

The wood used to heat the stove is all hand-carved from a single block of wood.

If you’re a wood smoker, you can make these stoves from a number of different types of wood, including walnut, oak, cherry, and cherry-tree-hugging maple.

If you want a more traditional wooden stove that’s also wood-friendly, this Ragnici wood-fire stove is a great option.

It has a removable lid and a removable base.

The stove also features a removable grate for use in hot fires.

The Ragnicei is available for preorder on Amazon, and the video above will walk you through the steps to make your own.