Which Queensland forestland could be converted to timber processing?

A forested area that’s being developed by the federal government could become the heart of a timber processing company’s operations in the state.

Key points:The Forest Resources Council says it could potentially generate about $300 million in revenue from the forestThe Forest Products Council says there is a lack of information on the impacts of the projectThe Forest Services Council says the Government could help by releasing information on its plan to convert the Forest of the Woods to timber productionThe Forest Council has been working on the plan for a few years and has been meeting with interested landowners and stakeholders.

The council said the project was one of several projects the Government had been involved in that would involve the Forest Services and the Forestry Council, which would be the body that would oversee the timber processing and land management.

The Forest Service and Forestry Council are working together to develop a vision for the project, which the council hopes to be completed in 2020.

It said the forest could become an important part of the state’s timber supply, with potential for forestry revenues.

The Council said the potential for revenue from a timber plantation in the area could be about $3.5 million.

“We’re looking at potentially generating $300,000 to $400,000 per annum, but the real key is that the timber will be harvested locally,” the council said.

“This is not just a business proposition.

It’s a cultural one.”

The council is proposing the timber industry develop its own timber processing facility.

“There will be a large, modern timber processing plant that will produce the timber needed to supply the industry, with a number of other local industries in the region involved in producing timber and processing the timber,” the Forestry Services Council said.

The project was also expected to bring about $1 billion in economic benefits to the area.

“The timber processing will also create a good source of income for the local economy,” it said.

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