How to make wood frames and lumber frames

By The Associated Press article BETHLEHEM (AP) — You can cut a log into wood frames, but that’s not how it’s made.

Instead, it’s the process of wood-frame manufacturing.

Wood frame manufacturing is a process by which wood is shaped into the shape of a log.

You use anvils and hammers to grind the wood, then cut the log into lengths.

When the logs are cut, the log is cut into strips and the logs themselves are cut into lengths using a saw.

Wood frames are then stacked together and shipped to the lumber mills.

The process is slow, requiring the use of a lot of wood, so it can’t be done quickly, according to a recent article by the National Journal.

The article says the process takes around seven years to complete.

In addition to the wood frame, wood is also used in the production of steel.

The process uses anvil-operated tools, so the process is more labor-intensive.

In 2016, wood was used to make more than a million tons of steel in the United States.

The wood is used to create steel in steel mills that are not connected to the Internet.