How to cut wood without damaging your timber: 7 tips

Posted May 01, 2018 12:07:38In the aftermath of a devastating wildfire, the U.S. Forest Service is asking timber companies to remove trees that are already damaged or destroyed from timber processing.

The agency says that in some cases, removing trees is already the only option for dealing with the damage, which can include the loss of valuable habitat.

In other cases, the agency says it will require a timber processing facility to remove the trees to prevent them from contributing to future forest fires.

The Forest Service has a list of trees that must be removed, which include trees that have been in a tree plantation or in an existing plantation.

The list includes some that are native to the country and are not currently a threat to the timber industry, such as conifers, which are an endangered species and are used to make a lumber product that can be used to manufacture building materials.

The Forest Service also requires that a timber processor submit a logbook to the Forest Service describing the damage and the location of the tree, which is not mandatory.

The logbook can be kept on file and is updated weekly, according to the agency.

The agency has been reviewing how to manage the forest’s trees in the aftermath in hopes of helping forest managers identify and remove those that pose a threat.