New Zealand timber harvest process launches, timber processing begins

New Zealand’s government has unveiled the country’s first ever timber harvest program.

The project will use a mix of harvested timber and non-harvested wood for construction projects and to create jobs, the Ministry of Forestry said.

The government has said the harvest process will be similar to the way it handles all other harvesting projects, with a focus on quality and environmental sustainability. 

The plan will see the Government’s first timber harvest in the state of Tauranga, which has a population of about 1,000 people.

The program will start in 2018, with the majority of the timber harvested in 2019.

It will also produce around 30,000 tonnes of non-toxic timber for construction and construction sites, while it will create 12,000 jobs for locals.

“I think the Government is trying to get back to what it was when it was established in 1948,” Forestry Minister Robyn-Anne Te Rama said.

“We’ve been working hard on the issue of timber harvesting since it was first established, and I think the new Government is making sure it has the resources to get there.”

The timber harvesting project will also involve a $50 million program to assist local communities.