Microsoft, Google unveil new tools for the timber logging industry

Microsoft, the software giant that sells Office and other Office products, and Google, the search engine giant, have unveiled a new tool that will help companies manage their logging and other timber industry tasks more efficiently.

The new tool, called Tract Management, is a cloud-based tool that helps companies manage the loggers’ and other staffs’ work and help them get things done more efficiently, said Brad Olson, head of business development at Microsoft.

Microsoft is introducing the tool to help companies more effectively manage timber operations.

In the future, Olson said, logging companies will need a better management and data platform to track timber loggers and staffs and how they’re doing their jobs, as well as to understand the logs themselves.

Tract Management will be available on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, where Microsoft is also partnering with major companies like Microsoft, Twitter and Uber.

The tool is currently available only to businesses in the United States.

Microsoft says that more than 95 percent of its services and applications are built on Azure, a platform that provides a variety of software and services for developers and organizations.

It’s not clear how many companies are using the Azure platform.

Microsoft also partnered with the American Forest Products Association to bring the tool, which it calls Tract Manager, to Microsoft Azure.

Olson said Microsoft is currently working with the association on ways to expand the tool.

In the future Tract will be part of Microsoft’s suite of tools, including one for cloud-enabled work and data analytics.

The company will also work with other industries to build similar tools, Olson added.