‘Bundling’ timber harvest into timber products


— Bundled timber products from an Idaho processing facility could help make the U.S. timber industry more environmentally friendly and less polluting, according to a report released by the U,S.

Forest Service.

The agency said the proposed BORDERS CORNER processing site would reduce waste from the timber harvest process by reducing the amount of material harvested from the trees, thereby reducing the environmental impact of logging and clearing operations.

The agency also said the new facility would provide more economic opportunities for local workers.

The BORDers CORNER project would involve the acquisition and transportation of logs to the BORDING PORTATION CORPORATION, which is the primary owner of the project.

The project will take two years to complete and will be funded with $3.3 million in federal funds.

The BORDINGS CORNER facility will be located at the BATTLE LAKE, Idaho, site.

The Forest Service’s Forest Resources Management Office in BATTLELAKE, which also oversees the BANDIT SHOPS, said the Borders CORNS BORDERY would reduce the amount and type of materials produced from bales of timber harvested by the BANKS & CO. processing plant.

The process will use the wood that has been processed and will then be sold to local businesses and consumers.

It will reduce the total amount of materials that are produced each year, the agency said in its report, which was released Wednesday.

The report also said that the project could have a significant impact on the local economy and the environmental stewardship of the area, which has historically been a major source of bales and timber products for the Bordering Corner industry.

“This project would provide significant opportunities for the region and for the communities that live near the project, including jobs and income growth,” the Forest Service said in the report.

“Additionally, this project would create more jobs for local citizens and businesses.”BORDERSCORNER would be the first major development in BORDing, a county of about 1.4 million people in northeastern Idaho.

It is part of a regional timber development plan to create 1,300 permanent jobs and $2.5 million in economic benefits through the BINDING PORTS and BORDES CORNER area.

About one-third of the total area under the project would be in the BENDING PIRES area, and the rest would be along the BUNDLE LANDING CORNER road.

The county expects to begin construction this summer.

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